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Friday, May 23, 2008

Things to come...

Well today was the last day of finals for Quillen College of Medicine, so excitement abounds! I hope to start getting more updates on here, as well as some new stories and of course the road trip! A couple of notes for those who care! In one week I've gotten 1800+ views, and have started getting several return views from people I don't share DNA with, so that's great!! This weekend or early next week, the Johnson City Press is doing an article on this trip, so look for that! Also, I HOPE to be on a radio station up in Baltimore talking about whatever they want to talk abot, so i'll be sure to put notice on here so you don't accidentally switch to that radio station and hear me.... Yeah, I have perfect face for radio, and the voice for sign language... Finally, a celebrity gossip site is going to post an interview with me, for which I will be VERY appreciative! I'm sure at least four of you are thinking "wait what? Celebrity gossip? Dude and we didn't even suspect you were LIKE that! It's ok, I'm not, but they graciously offered to support my cause, and I certainly won't refuse help!

Anyhow... A list of a couple inwritten stories that are rolling around in my tiny head. A short list, because there's not much room up there.... Expect to see these in the next few days!!

Indiana Rocky and the Anal Glands of Doom

How Working on my Truck Taught me I Don't Need to be an Obstetrician

It's all..... About.... The.... Benjamins???

Who else knows!!

Here's a link to an earlier article written about me by the JCP. I must again thank them for agreeing with someone other than me that this harebrained trip is worth reading about!!

As always, your feedback ad ideas are appreciated!! Good or bad!!

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havensal said...

I can't wait to read more! Good luck on your trip.

Havensal from