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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First update!

Sorry to anyone who's reading this but until I finish finals here at Quillen College of Medicine, updates will be sparse!!

So far, the truck is being readied for the trip! By readied, I mostly mean it is sitting out in front of my house collecting an eco friendly layer of tree sap, pollen, bird poo, and whatever else settles on it... Yes, it will not be washed before I leave! The coat that nature is applying will be worn with pride on the Bean!

Anyhow, I plan on hopefully getting the new U-joints on next week, and some synthetic rear axle oil in it to maybe gain 1mpg. Over 10,000 miles, that adds up!! Also, I have had a few donations so thanks to those of you who did!! I've also had a few letters on encouragement, and even one letter telling me what a loser I was for being a warmonger and how I deserved to lose my hand! My reply: "life is hard, but it's harder if your stupid." A quote regularly attributed to John Wayne.

Finally, I'm meeting with the editor of the Johnson City Press next monday to see about getting some new play with this so wish me luck! My journey as a Nation Traveling Author starts now! Ok well.... tomorrow... or soon....



Gregg said...

Daniel, I think what you're attempting here is outstanding! I envy your resolve. I do not envy your gas bill, however.


Daniel said...

Yeah the gas bill is what has prompted me to ask (beg?) for donations... lol

Nicholas said...

hey man, congrats on finishing up your first year of med school and good luck to you on the road trip. If you need a place to crash or people to help you out on the way... I'm in Colorado and will be starting my first year of med school out here in the fall.