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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The first day...

Well everybody, as my teaser alluded to, I've successfully not broken down yet! Yayyyyyyy This first day has gone well, though maybe a bit slow... I woke up this morning at nine, hoping to be on the road no later than eleven. Yea, good intentions, right? Instead I absently wandered the house looking for all the stuff I'd forgotten to pack. It was a lot of stuff. I slowly managed to get everything loaded, and RTD followed me closely. Very closely. In fact the more I packed, the closer he got. By the time I had the truck loaded, I think we may have needed surgical intervention to remove Rockstar from my hip. I think maybe he was worried I was going to leave him... I should be so lucky... That's ok though, I had chili tonight for dinner. My motto is strike first, strike hard!

Well after I got the truck loaded, I went ahead and did what I've been planning on doing forever; hosing my lawn with weedkiller! I figure since I am in a house, I need to ensure that I have a lawn that is something other than weed. Since you can actually count the blades of grass through the clover in my entire yard, I decided to do something about it. I figure I'll let my roommates deal with having to see the barren desert all summer, at least I'll be seeing green!

Anyhow, green is what I saw today... miles and miles of it. I headed up through Bristol as so I could get a glance of the Coliseum of The Redneck Nation, the Bristol Motor Speedway. I gotta say, that thing is huuuuuuuuuuge!! You can see it looming in the distance for quite some time, a man made mountain in its' own right. I then headed into Virginia into some not so man made mountains. I took Highway 58 to the Blue Ridge Parkway, where I am currently hiding out! Let me tell ya, it's beautiful so far. I decided to come this way after a conversation I had in Bristol.

I stopped off at a Starbuck's after it dawned on me I might need a little more direction other than "drive northeast". While there, I happened to run into a reporter who saw my sign on the back. After talking to him for a few minutes, he called his editor, who promptly sent over some photographers. Yup, they knew there was a celebrity in town! Anyhow, they got there and started taking pictures of Rocky, while I slinked off into the background and gave my little interview. After we were done talking and sipping on our tasty frappucinos, they asked which way I was going, and I mentioned the HWY 58 route. They said "oh you don't wanna go that way, not in that big ol' truck!" I inquired as to why not, and they informed me it was a winding road. Jackpot! THAT'S the kinda road I wanna see!

Well after I got on it, I was simply amazed at how curvy it was. The Miss America contest doesn't sport curves like this! The other thing I noticed was a lack of motorcyclists.... This a dream come true road, so if any of you bike, head on up there and get on it!! I tried to take a lot of pics, but they are all fuzz, and I think my camera may be toast... :( Anyhow, the only other glitch right now is the ac/dc inverter isn't powering the laptop so I'm gonna have to cut this short. Hope to get it figured out tomorrow though!! Sorry if the blog wasn't that entertaining today, I'll try to fix that, too! Until then!

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