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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Portland, Oregon

Just a quick addendum. We'll be at The Rogue Brewery tonight about 7:30 if anyone is up to have dinner!!


USNR (ret) said...

Try to head over to 101 via Tillamook
Tillamook NAS (WWII) largest wooden hangar in US a small museum and if you like cheese......

or 101 via McMinnville and stop and see the Spruce Goose

Try to grab lunch at Moe's West by Devils punchbowl, thats near Otter rock

Stop at at least one lighthouse

I think you could do any one of them justice with your photography

Anonymous said...

+1 for Tillamook. I ended up there by chance and it was fun. The hanger is cool and if you are into seeing how things are made, you can tour the cheese factory.

mmmmmm, cheese curds.


Anonymous said...

I gotta respond again to that.....Ohhh..Cheese curds ( in a Homer Simpson voice)....real hard to find unless you live right next door to a cheese factory