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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Bean pulled through!

Sorry about not updating those of you who anxiously awaited news on the Bean. I realize a large part of America likely is having trouble at work today because of their lack of sleep last night. I'll apologize now for any downswing in the economy brought about by my lackadaisical approach to my updates. Unfortunately I was operating on about 3 hours sleep, and after the warm reception in NJ by my extended family, the Finks, I was beat. It didn't help that for about three hours, Rockstar turned into friggin Cujo! Seriously, I think the bumpy ride on the tow truck along with the heat and excitement rattled Rockstar to the point of anger. Fortunately, by the evening, he was back to happy-go-drooly as always, and today is back to his lovable self.

Anyhow, after several hours of surgery, with ups and downs, and even a few codes, the Bean was finally closed back up and declared healed! I'm not sure if the guy who smacked the hood and screamed "Demon's be gone!" helped at all, but the mechanics quickly ran him off, and the Bean was set! They told me the engine looked and sounded good, then I pointed at the Bean and they apologized for the confusion and told the other customer the great news... Hehe Actually they did say the Bean seemed to be in good shape mechanically, and the failure was caused by a too old ignition pick up lead (ie: one of them thar wires went bad!) I STRONGLY suspect Matt (the middle manager) MIGHT have had something to do with it but by the time the Baltimore CSI team arrived the fingerprints were too smudged... So all that being said, go ahead and close the DOW early so everyone can get some sleep and I'll return to my travels! Hope to post more tonight, or tomorrow!! See ya then!


Tech Coach said...

I'm the bald guy with the big, furry bouvier in your neighborhood. Hopefully I will be able to send you some support. It depends on what's left after I take my 16 year old to Bonnaroo on our own bare-bones road trip. In the meantime you have our thoughts and prayers as you trek.-C

Joshua C said...

Hey Daniel, glad to hear that the sound the Bean made when it died wasn't a cylinder spitting out of the side of the block. You had me worried. Good luck in NJ, I've been there twice and spent most of my time there lost beyond hope.

Debbie Does Nothing said...

I read about your blog on Fark. What a great way to set yourself apart from other future docs. Thanks for your service to our country and good luck on your trip.