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Monday, June 16, 2008

Glaciers abound!

Our story continues with trek to Glacier National Park. I was in a bit of a dilemma as whether to go there, or go to Yellowstone. GNP won out and I cam up here via a northwestern route through Montana. I must admit when they call it "big sky country' they aren't kidding. I drove 80 miles and only encountered four cars total. The land is mostly rolling prairie, but you do go through some smaller mountain ranges, and the arid climate makes the vegetation start to become a bit sparse in places. The last few hours, the snowcapped mountains of GNP loomed in the distance, bobbing in and out of view with the numerous valleys I went through. I finally arrived in the non-existant town of St. Mary, at least it doesn't exist according to the Garminator. I gassed up the Bean, the hit the Park Cafe for dinner to gas up myself. I decided to use this opportunity to exact revenge on Rockstar, and ordered the swiss cheese, onion, and sourkraut bratwurst. Rocky, prepare thyself. My plan tomorrow is to see as much of the park as I can. Unfortunately global warming has struck again, and apparently snow manifested itself in huge amounts to protest the GW so many of the more scenic roads are closed. We'll have to see what I can come up with tomorrow...

Other than that there is not much news from the front, other than Rocky treed his first five year old today. We are at a KOA site, and after I walked him I decided to throw his toy for a bit. Well one time I threw it, and he ran out, got it and kept right on going. he headed to the playground where a little girl was trying to climb a pole. We as he got closer, she climbed harder, and to her credit she made it to the top. RTD on the otherhand was perplexed and tried to jump up on the pole to see what she was doing. Fortunately I was able to drag him off before pitchfork wielding parents showed up. It's amazing what a little "motivation" will do though! Anyhow, here are some pics to enjoy, and tomorrow SHOULD yield many more!!


Earthpassion said...


So many of your posts make me laugh and you take such lovely photos.
There is so much beauty in this country that people miss because it's in "flyover states". Thank you for showing the beauty of the places you are traveling through.

By the by, if you can post a link to this page on your myspace page, that would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

It just looks gorgeous, can't wait to see the next pictures. You're my travel agent from now on!

Hope Rocky has a little "gas mask" he could put on so he could get some sleep.
Have fun at the park.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel!

I've been busy getting ready to head out of town and only now got caught up on your blog. I love the pic's and your writing.

You are traveling so fast I may not be home when/if you pass through/near Seattle! :( I'm heading to Georgia to welcome my brother home from Iraq. I might be back before you hit the PNW. We'll see.

Have fun, thanks for writing, give big pats to Rocky for me and take care!


holly said...

hey d-mizzle! i just want to thank you for going on a cross-country trip this summer to provide entertainment for a pt student like myself while slaving away in class! i read your blog in class and often laugh out loud for no reason (at least that my profs and classmates understand). Keep up the good work! see ya in august