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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A sample question from my finals...

Taking them this week, so I figured I'd post a "sample" of the kinds of questions we seem to get, and a pic of my response...

A middle-aged National Guard veteran and part time pig farmer in the San Joaquin Valley, recently back from serving in the middle east, decides he's going to take his children, pet cats, and his ol' beagle on a raspberry picking trip in Guatamala. He leaves one morning after a night of heavy drinking with just some old bread and rare steak to tide him over. He shoos off some pigeons waves goodbye to his prize rosebushes as he gets in his DeLorean and heads to the daycare to get his kids. After taking off his nice shoes he retreives his children from the sandbox and they head to the airport. After landing, he quenches his thirst at a local water fountain and they head out to the Berry farm, which is next to a large forest that's being harvested. Sadly, because of the dust in the air, he is forced to whip up some contact solution using local water so that he can see. Being the troopers they are, they spend the night in the bush, sleeping deepest between 10 and 2, wearing only in shorts because of the heat. Finally, they have a breakfast of crab and watercress before heading back to the USA. Along the way they visit their uncle JB in the Appalacians where they have a tasty meal of fresh bear. After returning home, they each sneeze once. What color do I think his car is? Choose the answer that BEST fits the information above:

A) Grey

B) Gray

C) Silver

D) Metallic

E) Light Smoke


Anonymous said...

Ok obviously SOMEONE'S been hitting the crackpipe a touch too hard lately. :)

I vote (C)

Rick said...

The Deloran was stainless steel :)

But then you knew that of course.

The answer is obvious!


Chris said...

What kinda class is that for? The expression is fitting. That said, DeLorean's were either aluminum or stainless steel, I'm not sure which, but they weren't painted. Just sayin'.

pjamas said...

Sniffing glue again aren't you? That hair cut reminds of a really bad dream, no wait, that wasn't a dream, it's what I woke up to one morning after a night of shots of tequila. Could've sworn I left with George Clooney!

Assrot said...

I thought you were in medical school to become an M.D. What kind of class are you taking that would have such a dumb ass question on the final?

The answer has to be gray by the way. I had two friends that owned Deloreans and I can tell you that a week after you drive one out of the show room, it turns a dull gray that looks a lot like oxidized silver paint on a car that is 20 years old and NOTHING you do can ever change it back to its original luster.

Merry Christmas,


Long-time RN said...

A creative face and test question!
Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

JaBLes D said...

Silver. Like every Delorean. Stainless steel is silver. I think of grey or gray as more muted. Metallic just means it has a sparkly finish. Light smoke...see gray/grey.

Either way, I get your point. Good luck with that. See you on Saturday.